The Violins

65x90 cm, oil on canvas, 2012.

65×90 cm, oil on canvas, 2012. Price: $4000


Violins fragment

I always wanted to paint violins. I love their music, the way they sound. Even though I had no free time and had to get up early on Sundays I decided to paint the violins.
So I took a big canvas and tried to paint them as realistic as possible. I wanted the people who looked at the painting to hear how they sound.
I liked to draw their shapes made of wood covered with varnish. When I was painting I imagined some great musicians playing them. Wow! It’s so

Violins fragment

Violins fragment

interesting to paint the story of somebody’s life and wonder about the master that made them many years ago! They were only a piece of wood then, but by the hand of the master

Violins fragment

Violins fragment

an artwork was created. After that a musician played the violin opening his soul for people, showing his feelings.
And now I have a possibility to portray them.
So not only am I the creator of this picture: everyone who made them and played also invested soul in them!

Violins fragment

Violins fragment


About Sergey Gusev's Art Blog

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Sergey Gusev and I am a visual artist from Russia. I am learning painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Petersburg, Russia. I like all kinds of art and invite everyone to share experience in art here. Keep in touch, Sergey.
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19 Responses to The Violins

  1. Rhino House says:

    & great instrument is, in itself, a work of art, before a note is played.

  2. Love this post about the violins, and the picture. I bought a violin two years ago when I started learning to play. The more you play it, the better the tone gets. A violin that isn’t played looses some of its resonance, it’s beauty. Thank you for stopping by my blog – it meant I could find yours and this beautiful picture.

  3. Noble Sophie says:

    I can absolutely here the sound of these gorgeous violins. This is amazing work. What a gift you have!

  4. tizz says:

    I had to examine your painting more carefully because I was under the impression they were real violins! Well done!

  5. Marcela says:

    Beautiful violins:)

  6. tokyohamster says:

    wow this is amazing. you’re such a talented painter. i can’t definitely hear the music!

  7. Cindy @ In A Stitch says:

    Everything around us has a story! You certainly have captured the story or the feeling of the violin.

  8. eight moon galleries says:

    Wish I could play a violin, and especially one of those in your painting. It would sound marvelous!

  9. Heather says:

    Wonderful violins…you have a great talent!

  10. Chef Randall says:

    I played the violin in Jr and high school. These paintings are awesome.
    Hey thanks for stopping to view my blog post Italian Drinks. Your invited to sign up and follow to receive future post’s, it’s FREE. I will be waiting for your future post’s.

    Chef Randall

  11. taishinana says:

    Wow, these violins Artwork is very expressive πŸ™‚

  12. melmannphoto says:

    Canvas, pigments, brush fibers – just like the wood and varnish was the starting point for your subject you’ve shown how in your hands these basic elements can become images with a life of their own as well. The paintings sing.

  13. I played the violin as a child….I love your painting and the words you said about it too. Great work xxx

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  15. Megan Grable says:

    I play the violin and think your art is beautiful. Way to do it justice! Thank you.

  16. balancefitnessusa says:

    Beautiful Music is a Window to the Soul. So your Art just expresses that πŸ™‚

  17. The story behind the artistry is profound and moving. Great work!

  18. The color combinations are perfect. I can almost hear the violins playing.

  19. Tienny says:

    Beautiful πŸ˜€

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