A Portrait Master Class Video

For this drawing I used  paper stretched on the board size 40 x 50. I toned the paper  with black tempera and ocher to make an interesting texture. Then I took a gray sauce and outlined the composition of the future  portrait free and easy. Then gently painted shadows. A rather difficult task in drawing a portrait is  the  image of emotions, facial expressions. For this we should know the anatomy and function of the muscles. Drawing facial expressions is much more complicated than a person without emotions. During the master class, you can see how often I had to clarify the expression. After I outlined the shadow I began to draw the facial features using black, gray and white sauce. Most of  all in this drawing I wanted to create an expressive image of an alive person.


About Sergey Gusev's Art Blog

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Sergey Gusev and I am a visual artist from Russia. I am learning painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Petersburg, Russia. I like all kinds of art and invite everyone to share experience in art here. Keep in touch, Sergey.
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6 Responses to A Portrait Master Class Video

  1. jlcollinsnh says:

    Very cool, video Sergey.

    Why not post a link to it in the comments section of the post I just did that features a couple of your paintings?

    If you do, I’ll reply with an encouragement to my readers to check out your site here.



  2. Baiju Mohan says:

    Amazing. My head always go spinning when I start thinking , how painters create something which is more life like. I think, that’s what makes talented individuals like you a class apart.

    Unlike, artists who lived in the past decades, we are fortunate to have technologies which can help us in making our creations available and present to a wider audience.

  3. mistymidnite says:

    Ummm… light line, charcoal flat fat line, smudge, smear, dark line, light line, hand to music when fast, continue… Did you notice that at some points you actually had a rhythm? 🙂 Very very nice gusevart !

  4. Amber Lea says:

    Lovely work! My son just watched your video and was truly amazed at the way you brought the picture to life, using the blending & shading to bring out all the fine details. It inspired him to pull out his charcoal sets and get back to practicing with his shaping techniques. (He’s 10 years old & has a very creative imagination.) He’s still not quite sure what his preferred art medium is just yet, though he’s leaning mainly between wood burning & charcoal drawings. I’ve encouraged him to try all forms of art work, to make the most of his imagination and ability.

    The music was a great choice and matched the rhythm of your work, making the video even more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your gift! 🙂

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