Heavy textured portrait painting by Sergey Gusev, 2014.

1781985_262071183965678_1571950152_nHi there! My new painting ) on easel) with a knife)

Well, this one is still in progress, I would say the style is ‘heavy textured’ but probably that is not so obviously on the photo – I will upload more and better when have! The canvas size is 90×60 cm, I hope to finish it soon but I paint it only once per weak because of being busy with my other paintings and drawings. I think to leave it not very finished I mean fresh and textured and free.

Right now I can say that art is a very emotional thing, not just a photo, of course. I can like not very finished paintings where I see an author’s taste or style or just love…and also i can get bored looking at a painting where there is everything but no author’s love..

Sergey, 2014.

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About Sergey Gusev's Art Blog

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Sergey Gusev and I am a visual artist from Russia. I am learning painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Petersburg, Russia. I like all kinds of art and invite everyone to share experience in art here. Keep in touch, Sergey.
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3 Responses to Heavy textured portrait painting by Sergey Gusev, 2014.

  1. artmoscow says:

    Well said about emotional art )

  2. Yuri says:

    I lake this technigue. Just saw another your painting at You Tube, awesome!

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