6 Responses to Painting

  1. Very impressive! Thank you for liking my most recent post!

  2. Hi, you liked an article of mine, and I’m here to see what you do. I’m very pleased to see artists work, I can see you produce quite a lot do you? And of course, what can I say, I do actually have a degree in fine arts myself. So if you really want my honest opinion, tell me so!!

  3. Ok, fine then, because I try to be respectfull about other people’s work, some people don’t really like others to tell them what they truly think about theyr stuff.
    I see you paint landskapes, a nude, lots of different things, and my question was “what is really the real YOU??”. ARe you more into the nude, the portrait, seeing and painting people, nature? Is color specially important to you, or has the “form” a special meaning to you? There is something more than the painting, I know you know that, but I miss a little… the conceptual part in your paintings. Do you know what I’m trying to say? It is positive that you try to work on lots of different areas, but at some point there must be something that makes a picture different than others, a landscape is not allways a landskape, what is really YOUR thing??

    • ok, i understand your question. I love to paint, and paint what i love. i mean for me it doesn’t matter almost what to paint: i like portraits more , bur i like to paint and draw also sea-landscapes, just because they are beautiful. To make a portrait is harder than a landscape, for example. So i’m resting when i’m painting nature. Portrait-it’s not only a nose or eye, it’s a character, person, views. You understand? Portrait is much wider, deeper, also it takes more energy to make it. And now when I’m young i want to taste everything, to be opened, paint every kind of art. i’m sure you know that every good , famous painter never paints only nature, only people-they are very closed to each other. Sergey.

  4. Of course, It’s important to try everything!

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