62 Responses to Landscape

  1. Love your works, Sergey, especially the ocean scenes. Just wondering – do you paint from photographs, or do you head outdoors to paint? Or, do you start with an idea in mind and let your paintbrushes do the talking?
    Thanks as well for liking my post “Misty Morning on the Lake”.

    • Hi!I dont use photos,i paint from my head,from nature. i dont know the result when i am at the beginning of a picture. I want to paint a seascape,for ex, but i cant say how it will look like.There are only a canvas,paints,brushes ..and me. So ..even i dont know what i will paint,it goes byself, i only should relax.

  2. Nice landscapes! I’m amazed that you do them from memory and imagination. The brain is a mysterious organ!

  3. Argus says:

    You do great work. The Hut is very like a New Zealand Maori traditional ‘whare’ but without all the decorative swirly bits … good luck~!

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